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Penalty Shootout: Multi League


Description of Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Experience the excitement of the penalty shootout with Penalty Shootout: Multi League! Choose your favorite football team and try to be the hero on the pitch. The game developed by Vladeta Marinkovic offers you the chance to showcase your penalty skills in various fantasy leagues. Choose your preferred league and favorite team, then alternate between the roles of penalty kicker and goalkeeper. As a kicker, adjust the ball's direction, height, and speed using three moving indicators. As a goalkeeper, aim and click the target indicator at the right time. Can you become a master playing Football Legends 2021? Keep completing your shots in this exciting game.

How to playing Penalty Shootout: Multi League

The playing instruction

Experience the thrill of a penalty shootout as you take on the role of both penalty kicker and goalkeeper. Select your favorite team and aim to score as many goals as possible, before switching to goalkeeper mode and trying to save your opponent's shots. With every successful goal, the crowd roars with excitement.

There are 12 leagues to choose from, allowing you to select your favorite team and compete for the championship title. As you take your turn as both the penalty kicker and the goalkeeper, you'll need to master the moving indicators for ball direction, height, and speed. Click the target indicator on time to defend against your opponent's shots.

To put the ball in the back of the net, it's all in your hands - click to set the direction, height, and power of the shot. A well-placed combination will give you the perfect kick, be it a gentle lob or a powerful strike. As the goalkeeper, stay alert for the target that appears on your goal just before your opponent's shot and clicks on it to make the save. The game is divided into two stages: the group and the knockout rounds. Finish in the top two of your group to progress to the round of 16. From there, every penalty counts if you want to lift the cup. Can you become a master playing Football Legends 2021? Keep completing your shots in this exciting game.

A few tricks when playing

Take on the role of a free kick player and use your mouse to set the perfect direction, height, and power for your shots. But be careful, the goalkeeper is always watching and will try to anticipate your moves.

As the goalkeeper in this soccer game, your reflexes will be put to the test as you try to stop incoming penalty shots. When the opponent is taking the kick, a red dot will appear on the goal indicating where the ball will be aimed. You must click on the dot quickly to position your goalkeeper and make the save. When it's your turn to take a shot, click anywhere on the screen to set the direction, height, and power of the kick. Be unpredictable and score goals from different angles to keep the opponent guessing.