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Penalty Shooters 2


Step up to the challenge and prove your skills as a Penalty Shooters 2. Join the ultimate soccer game with the world's most epic shots of your own creation.

Description of Penalty Shooters 2

This is a soccer game that challenges players to win the league by scoring goals and making saves. It is the sequel to the popular Penalty Shooters. The game was developed by Vladeta Marinkovic and released in April 2016. The game features various opponents and a fantasy league where you can select your favorite team and try to win each match to climb up the ranks and win the League. This game allows players to choose their favorite team, including international teams, and participate in 11 tournaments and the World Cup, with 32 teams in each tournament. Players must win every match to become the champion of the year. With hundreds of teams from different countries, you can choose a fantasy league with clubs from England, France, or North America to compete against. The game features 5 rounds, and you need to score and make saves to progress. The team that scores the most goals after the first five innings win. The game is designed for desktop and mobile devices, and it is free to play. Created by 10x10 games, it can be played using your mouse to lock on the target and kick.

Instructions on how to play Penalty Shooters 2

How to play

Unlike regular football games, this game focuses on penalties. You can practice your ability to take a penalty kick or catch the ball to improve your skills. This game requires high concentration and good kick skills. A good player is someone who can do well both as a footballer and at the same time as a goalkeeper. If you are only good at 1 of 2, play this game to practice the another skill. Let's play and see how many balls you can successfully catch or shoot. The game also offers the option to play as both the shooter and the goalkeeper. You must wait for the red dot to appear and choose the appropriate time to shoot, while constantly changing the shooting position to outsmart the opponent's goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper, you must quickly click on the closest position to control the goalkeeper and catch the ball. The opponent's goalkeeper is smart enough to remember where the player shot before, so players need to continuously move their shooting positions.

A few tips

When you shoot a penalty, you should kick the ball very quickly so that the goalkeeper can't react in time. You have to find some way to cheat the goalkeeper and kick the ball exactly.

When you are a goalkeeper, you have to guess that the boal will go to the left, the right, or straight. You have to focus on the ball's moving and react as fast as possible to catch the ball.