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Odd Bot


The lovely yellow boxy controls in Odd Bot. Click to guide the box to find its way. Each level will have unexpected ways that you need to find out.

Enjoy the Puzzle Online

Odd Bot offers an online platform where you can play this puzzle game. Our website provides a convenient and free environment for you to indulge in this enjoyable gaming experience. At the start of the game, you need to click on the points where you want your character to move. Once clicked, the character will automatically navigate towards the designated location. However, movement is only possible when a clear path is available. If there are obstacles blocking the way, the character cannot move.

Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to eliminate obstacles along the path. The purple blocks in the game can be manipulated, offering you the advantage of constructing new roads. Additionally, you have the ability to rotate the castle to observe the map from different angles.


Utilize your mouse to interact with the game.

Odd Bot Level 9

Odd Bot Level 9 is a challenging stage that has garnered significant interest from many players. By applying the rules mentioned in the previous section, you can enhance your chances of successfully completing this level.