Nature Strike Back

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In Nature Strikes Back, you need to protect the forest from evil people who are trying to destroy it. They turn forests and streams into messy piles of trash.

The Forest in Peril

A pristine and breathtaking forest faces imminent danger as a horde of relentless monsters threatens its existence. Determined to protect their sacred home, the forest's trees have rallied together for a fierce battle. Your crucial role in this fight is to unite two identical trees, giving rise to a more potent tree guardian. These guardians will stand as the forest's last line of defense against the encroaching monsters. With each victory over the monsters, you'll accumulate a wealth of coins. These coins are your lifeline, enabling you to acquire additional trees and expand your territory within the arena. Successful battles also yield precious purple gems, which can be employed to enhance the guardians' attributes, including attack speed, attack damage, freeze attack rate, and critical damage rate, thereby fortifying their might.

Key Information About Nature Strikes Back

  • Daily Missions and Achievements: Undertake daily missions and strive to accomplish numerous achievements to earn extra gems, providing a significant advantage in your quest.
  • Daily Bonuses: By faithfully signing in and playing the game each day, you'll receive daily bonuses in the form of gems, further enhancing your progress.
  • The Lucky Wheel: Test your luck by spinning the lucky wheel, which promises a plethora of valuable rewards. You can spin it once daily for free, but for additional spins, a nominal fee of 5 gems is required, offering the possibility of exceptional treasures.