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Moto X3M Winter


Moto X3M Winter is an extremely attractive flash motorcycle racing game. This game will bring you an extremely interesting Christmas atmosphere.

Description of the game

This game was developed by Madpuffers and was released in December 2017. It is the fourth installment in the popular Moto X3M game series. The game takes place in a snowy winter world. You will control a motorbike and try to overcome obstacles such as cogs, dangerous acrobatic turns, and many other exciting challenges waiting for you to conquer.


  • Use Space to start the game.
  • Use the up arrow to increase the speed.
  • Use right and left arrows to balance the car.

Celebrate the Christmas season in Moto X3M Winter

Winter has come, it's time for you to experience the feeling of winter and the wonderful fullness of the road. In this game, you will be given the feeling of celebrating Christmas in a challenging race game. You will experience many thrilling challenges between obstacles and unique snow-covered jumps.

With many exciting challenges along the way, you need to show off your driving skills professionally. Show off artistic jumps and spins to pass the levels in the game. The tracks and levels are designed with snowy backgrounds and frozen environments in mind. It makes you feel like you're racing in real life.

There are so many levels waiting for you to unlock, can you unlock all the exciting levels in this game? Don't be discouraged, try to pass each level and practice your driving skills hard. Surely you will create memorable feats in many exciting races in this game. In addition, to play more new games this Christmas, you can visit Basket Random every day so you don't miss any new games.