Minicars Soccer

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Minicars Soccer is an online soccer game with miniature cars. Instead of controlling a player, you will control a car on a vibrant soccer field.

Understand the rules on the playground

This is a fun soccer game for two players. You will control a mini car on the soccer field and try to find a way to score more points than your opponent to win. The first player will use WASD and the second player will use the arrow keys to play. Whoever reaches five balls first will be the winner. Try to put the ball into your opponent's net while defending so that the opponent's ball does not enter your net. You can choose the type of car you love, and choose the type of ball that is large, small, or medium to suit your playing ability. A big ball will make it easier to score goals and also increase your chances of losing.

Tips for you when driving a car

Driving a car on a soccer field to put the ball into the net is not easy. You need to practice your movement skills to control and kick the ball more accurately. To win in this game you should not use too much initiative. Sometimes your initiative will cause the ball to fall back into your net and cause your opponent to score points. Knowing where to stop and smart defense will help you win soon. Also you can play Soccer Skills World Cup to participate in soccer competitions around the world to win trophies.