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Intriguing Insights into the Game of Ludo

Ludo is a multiplayer strategy board game that will test your tactical skills. Eliminate your opponents and guide your tokens back to your safe base.

For those familiar with Parcheesi from their childhood, the rules of Ludo will feel quite similar. To begin, you'll select your preferred game mode. The game board features four distinct colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. Your starting yard is chosen randomly by the game. To initiate your turn, roll the dice. To exit your base, you must roll a six. Once you achieve a roll of six, you can take a second turn. Your piece moves the number of squares indicated by the dice roll. Subsequent players follow in a clockwise direction. If your token gets blocked in front of an opponent, you're forced to restart from your base. Similarly, you can kick out your opponents if your token stands in their path. If you get kicked, you must start over. Lead your tokens around the board and into your home column. To enter the home column, you must roll the precise number on the dice. Otherwise, that token remains stuck. Arrange your tokens strategically within the home column to ensure a smooth entry into their respective slots. The ultimate victory is achieved when all your tokens reach the home column, and you will earn a score for your triumphant win.


  • Computer: Utilize your computer mouse to play.
  • Mobile Phone: Tap and hold your screen to play.

Unique Aspects of Ludo

Game Modes: Ludo offers three engaging game modes: 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player. Invite your friends for a shared gaming experience. In 2-player mode, you'll compete against a single friend, while in 3-player mode, you can challenge two others. For a thoroughly enjoyable gathering, opt for the 4-player mode. Put your luck and strategy to the test in the company of friends.

Ludo Board: The Ludo board comprises four prominent colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. You can select your preferred color when starting the game. Red takes the first turn, followed by yellow, green, and blue. Each player has a corresponding home column of the same color. To reach the home column, you must navigate through 50 small squares. Along the way, you'll also collect scores as you pass through the star points.