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Knight Vs Zombies


Facing the Challenges in Knight Vs Zombies

Knight Vs Zombies is an action game, you will have to fight hordes of zombies. You need to eliminate these undead enemies by throwing knives at them. Sinister zombies have overrun this battleground, posing a dire threat to the valiant knight's life. Can you rise to the occasion and lead the knight to safety?

The Zombie Horde

Expect to encounter a multitude of zombies in this game. They may appear one by one or in groups, increasing the risk to your knight. Your objective is to vanquish them all. Keep your composure in the face of overwhelming odds. Panic won't serve you well here. Maintain your cool and devise clever strategies. Efficient, accurate knife-throwing is your ticket to success. With each well-aimed throw, you dispatch one zombie. Increase your throwing speed to eliminate them efficiently.

Zombies' Deadly Skills

In addition to their sheer numbers, these zombies possess a deadly skill: throwing knives with precision. To defeat them, you too must rely on your knife-throwing prowess. Dedicate time to honing this skill, and you'll soon become a master. Through practice, you'll refine your aim and control over your throws, ensuring success in every encounter. Your dedication will be rewarded with a bounty of gold coins.

How to Battle the Zombies

  • Hold and drag the left mouse button to adjust your throw's direction and force.
  • Release the left mouse button to launch your knives.
  • Shop for Survival.

The game's shop offers various items to aid your survival

  • Knives: Explore a wide range of knives, each more effective at eliminating zombies than the last. Investing in top-tier weapons should be your goal.
  • Hats and Shields: Protect your knight's head with hats, which are available at prices ranging from 200 to 2000 coins. Shields provide additional protection, increasing your knight's longevity on the battlefield.
  • Character Upgrades: Select more advanced characters with higher levels. While they come at a steeper price, their enhanced capabilities can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Themes: Enhance your gaming experience by selecting different themes, such as city, forest, late night, cliff, and valley settings. The background adds excitement to your battles.