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Knife Storm


Diverse Game Modes in Knife Storm

Knife Storm is an exciting shooting game that offers many thrilling game modes. You will use the knife to destroy as many fruits and logs as possible.

Classic Mode

The initial game mode is Classic Mode, where your objective is to hurl knives at a rotating wooden log. This log spins at varying speeds, requiring your relentless knife-throwing skills to reduce it to splinters. Your score in this mode directly corresponds to the number of knives successfully thrown. Strive to unleash as many knives as possible to secure the highest score. Be vigilant, though, as the game concludes when your knife collides with others embedded in the wooden log. Additionally, you can invite a friend to join the fun and engage in a friendly competition to see who can conquer the spinning logs and emerge as the victor.

Shoot Mode

In the second game mode, known as Shoot Mode, you'll encounter two sub-modes: Time Trial and Bomb. In Time Trial, your task is to slice as many fruits as you can within a tight one-minute timeframe using the knives displayed on the left side of the screen. Aim to achieve the highest score possible before the clock runs out. In Bomb mode, slicing fruits comes with a twist&mdash, you must deftly dodge the looming bombs. Should your knives strike these explosive hazards, they'll detonate, leading to your unfortunate demise.

Ninja Mode

Lastly, Ninja Mode adds an exhilarating dimension to the game, drawing inspiration from the popular Fruit Ninja game. Within this mode, you can choose between two sub-modes: Time Trial and Bomb. In the Time Trial sub-mode, your objective is to slice as many fruits as you can within a single minute, showcasing your lightning-fast ninja skills. Conversely, in Bomb mode, your dexterity will be put to the test as you strive to slice fruits while avoiding perilous bombs.

How to Control

Single-Player Mode:

Simply click the left mouse button to unleash your deadly knives.

2-Player Mode:

  • PLAYER 1: Click the left mouse button to throw knives.
  • PLAYER 2: Utilize the W key to launch your knives with precision.