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Kill Time In The Office


Your Objectives in Kill Time In The Office

Kill Time In The Office is an exciting and thrilling arcade game. You will be free to do your work during working hours without your boss finding out. In this game, you assume the role of a rather lackadaisical office worker who constantly seeks to indulge in activities unrelated to work during the brief office hours. Your menu of distractions includes activities like tending to your nails, engaging in conversations, taking a nap, applying a face mask, curling your hair, knitting, and grooming your eyebrows. However, there's a catch, your office hours are a mere 1 minute and 30 seconds. As a result, you must efficiently complete as many tasks as possible within this limited timeframe. Achieving proficiency in all these diversions will secure you the highest score. Yet, you must exercise caution, for your boss periodically checks to ensure you're diligently working. Should you be caught in the act of slacking off, you'll face immediate defeat. Thus, when your boss makes an appearance, swiftly click on your computer to resume your work.

Controls: Click the left mouse button or utilize the arrow keys to navigate and interact within the game.

Scoring System in Kill Time In The Office

  • Performing a nail treatment earns you 500 points.
  • Curling your hair yields 200 points.
  • Skillfully grooming your eyebrows results in an impressive 800 points.
  • Successfully knitting garners 300 points.
  • Engaging in conversation with colleagues adds 400 points to your score.
  • Enjoying a brief siesta grants you 400 points.
  • Applying a face mask also contributes 400 points to your tally.

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