Hospital Hustle

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Become a Hospital Manager

You are the administrator of Hospital Hustle. Take care of the health of as many people as possible and build a prosperous medical facility.

In this engaging game, you'll take on the role of a doctor who owns and operates a hospital. In the beginning, you'll be the sole physician responsible for all the hospital's operations. Each day, a stream of ailing individuals will seek treatment at your hospital, and it's your duty to greet them and provide the care they need as swiftly as possible. It's imperative not to keep your patients waiting for too long, as extended delays may result in them leaving the hospital prematurely. Speed and efficiency are key! Your financial reward for successfully treating a patient will be substantial, and you can use these earnings to recruit additional doctors, receptionists, and nurses. Receptionists will assist in patient intake, nurses will tend to patient needs, and doctors will provide medical treatment. Furthermore, you can invest your hard-earned coins to unlock new hospital rooms and expand your healthcare facility. Strive to transform your hospital into the most renowned medical center in the entire city.

Two player mode

Hospital Hustle offers both a 1-Player mode, where you can build and manage the hospital on your own, and a 2-Player mode, where you can invite friends to join you in hospital management. In the cooperative 2-Player mode, you and your friends will work together to tackle the various challenges of running the hospital.