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Hoops Champ 3D


Become a champion in Hoops Champ 3D


Hoops Champ 3D is an exciting basketball game where you can put your dunking skills to the test. Play now and become the ultimate Hoops Champ! With its dynamic basketball court and realistic physics, you'll feel like you're playing on a real court. Aim carefully and shoot the basketballs into the hoop to score points and climb up the leaderboards. Players can aim and release their shots by dragging their mouse or finger on a mobile device, trying to throw the ball through all the hoops on each level to clear it. The hoops have different difficulty levels, represented by the number of stars, and players have a limited number of balls to shoot. The game encourages players to become true champs by clearing all the levels, promising more fun to come. Take your pitching skills to the next level with Basketball Dare. In this game it also throws the ball, angled like Hoops Champ 3D but it will not show the path of the ball, the challenge will be more difficult for you.


  • Realistic 3D graphics with colorful visuals bring the game to life
  • More than 200 levels with increasing difficulty for a challenging gameplay experience
  • Different types of hoops that offer unique challenges and rewards
  • Unlockable balls that allow you to customize your game
  • The transparent representation of your ball trajectory for better aiming
  • Use coins to unlock new skins and enhance your playing experience

Your goal in Hoops Champ 3D

Your goal is to make as many dunks as possible before the time runs out. Swipe fast and aim for the perfect shot to score big points. Use the freeze power to dunk even more points and get extra time by destroying special hoops. Collect tickets to unlock new balls and become the ultimate dunk master. With unlimited basketball action, Hoops Champ is a must-play game for basketball fans of all ages.

There are over 200 levels of basketball fun and excitement, allowing you to not only enjoy the satisfaction of making a perfect shot but also develop your skills as a player. Each level introduces dynamic and unique hoops with varying star values, points, and special features. Try to dunk the ball in all of the hoops with the given number of balls to advance to the next level. Simply aim by clicking and dragging your cursor, and release to shoot the ball. The game also provides a transparent representation of your ball's trajectory for better accuracy.