Hoop Grids

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About Hoop Grids

Hoop Grids is a game that combines basketball shooting and puzzles. Get the basketball into the basket by moving the net and creating a path for the ball. Imagine a grid filled with basketball players' names and statistics, where each row and column has specific criteria you need to meet. Find the perfect player that fits the requirements while keeping their "rarity score" low by selecting players that don't typically get picked in other grids.

It's all about analyzing the net, understanding the requirements, and doing some research on the players. Look for those hidden gems, players who may not be famous but shine with the stats you need. Balance rarity with performance to create the ultimate winning combination. You'll sharpen your problem-solving skills, practice your critical thinking abilities, and have a lot of fun in the process.

How to play

  • Your mission is to find a basketball player who meets certain requirements while also being a bit of a hidden gem someone not everyone knows about.
  • This score measures how uncommon your player choice is compared to others. The lower the score, the better!
  • Look for players who might not be as famous but still rock it in certain stats. You want someone who stands out but isn't on everyone else's radar.
  • Try different players and see how they stack up. It's like a puzzle keep trying until you find the perfect fit!
  • Once you've made your pick, compare scores with your friends or other players. Who found the most unique player?