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Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars


Guide to playing Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Welcome to the thrilling football showdown of Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars! Step into the shoes of a renowned player and showcase your skills.

Your target

The game features straightforward rules for you to conquer. Start by selecting your desired game mode. Within each mode, choose a compact field and your character. As the game unfolds, take full control of your character, utilizing their movements and jumping abilities to guide the ball towards the goal. Aim to outscore your opponents and emerge as the ultimate victor. Harness the power of your oversized head to catch the ball and skillfully shoot it into the goal. Each mode and level presents its own unique allure, promising endless excitement throughout your gameplay experience.


1-1 Mode

  • Player 1: Utilize the ARROW keys to move your character and press the SPACE key to shoot.
  • Player 2: Navigate your character using the WASD keys for movement, and use the Q key to shoot.

2-2 Mode

  • Player 1: Employ the ARROW keys to control your character's movement, and press the SPACE key to shoot.
  • Player 2: Maneuver your character with the 5, 1, and 3 keys, and use the 0 key to shoot.
  • Player 3: Use the WASD keys to guide your character, and press the Q key to shoot.
  • Player 4: Control your character's movement using the I, J, and L keys, and utilize the H key to shoot.

Attractive game mode

There are two thrilling game modes: Tournament and Party Mode, each offering its own unique gameplay. Within each mode, you'll find two smaller modes to choose from.

In Tournament Mode, you'll encounter multiple rounds of intense competition. Your objective is to emerge victorious in every round and advance to the final round. Triumph in the ultimate round, and you'll be crowned the champion. Within the Tournament Mode, you can opt for the Solo mode, where you'll face opponents individually, or the 2v2 mode, where you'll have a teammate to support you in the battle. Utilize your skills and abilities to defeat your adversaries and claim victory.

Party Mode presents a different kind of challenge. Here, you have the freedom to select the character you wish to face in the match. Additionally, in the second mode of Party Mode, you can invite your friends to join forces and form a team, providing a thrilling and cooperative gaming experience.