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Head Sports Basketball


Basic information about Head Sports Basketball

If you are looking for a fun and challenging basketball game then Head Sports Basketball is the perfect choice for you. Decorate your clothes in your own style. This game features a variety of characters, scenarios, and difficulty levels to keep you engaged and entertained. In this unique basketball game, you must use your head to play, quite literally! You need to be flexible and skillful in controlling your character to move, jump, and kick the ball to score as many baskets as possible. The goal is to earn as many points as you can within a short time frame, and you can take advantage of various bonuses to help you achieve this. You can play alone or with a friend for even more fun! If you like playing basketball games with a new setting like Halloween, you can play Basketball Monsterz where there will be a lot of strange monsters like Freddy Krueger, Bigfoot and Bogeyman for you to choose from.

The guidelines to play Head Sports Basketball

Custom settings

First choose and customize your character. You can be played in both single-player and two-player modes, allowing you to play against the computer or challenge a friend. You can personalize the game by choosing your preferred players, courts, ball, and time limit for your game mode.

Effective tactics in game

Once you're ready, control the game using your finger on your mobile device or your keyboard and mouse on your desktop. You can easily play on any device of your choice. Face off against your opponent and aim to score more baskets than them within the given time limit. Additionally, you can use three types of bonuses to gain an advantage over your opponent. These bonuses enable you to speed up your character, enlarge your character, or freeze your opponent, giving you a better chance of winning. Your goal is to score the highest number of points possible within the given time limit and outscore your opponent.Remember, time is of the essence, so try to complete the task as quickly as possible.


  • Player 1: WASD
  • Player 2: arrow keys