Halloween Sugar Chute

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A Sweet Gameplay Treat

Get into the Halloween season and enjoy some spooky fun with the kids in the Halloween Sugar Chute. Catch as many sweets as possible to get a high score!

Sweets from the Sky

As the sun sets on Halloween night, children from the town eagerly hit the streets to collect sweets. But suddenly, something extraordinary occurs, a rain of sweets cascades from the sky! Your task is to assist the kids in catching these sugary treats. Control your character's movements, guiding them left and right to ensure that the sweets drop directly into their bags. Be cautious, though, as missing a sweet will cost you a precious life. You start with five lives, and once they're gone, the game ends. Your score is directly proportional to the number of sweets you successfully catch. Each sweet contributes 10 points to your total. Strive to capture as many as possible to secure the highest score achievable.

Switching Characters

Each kid's bag has a finite capacity. Keep an eye on the progress bar at the top of the screen. When it approaches full and turns red, it's time to click on the bag and switch to a new character with an empty bag. Ensure that each child has a bag bursting with Halloween sweets.


Hold down the left mouse button to move your character left or right.

Developed by Cartoon Network Games

Halloween Sugar Chute was crafted by Cartoon Network Games, known for creating Toon Cup 2019 and featuring beloved characters from their popular cartoons. With the aim of bringing joy to players this Halloween, they've released this game as an HTML game compatible with both PC and mobile devices. This means you can dive into this delightful arcade game at your convenience. Happy Halloween gaming!