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Green Island: Land of Fire


Welcome to Green Island: Land of Fire!

Mine and explore new lands in Green Island: Land of Fire. Explore the island, collect grass and pets, and earn valuable coins. Start an exciting journey! On this island, cutting grass is the primary task that allows you to earn coins. The grass grows abundantly and is readily available for you to harvest. This game is the perfect time killer, combining elements of stickman games and arcade games. Collect as many coins as possible, which will enable you to unlock new areas of the island and encounter a variety of pets and enemies that await you.

Attractive gameplay in Green Island: Land of Fire

Your task

In Green Island: Land of Fire, your task is to harvest the grass to obtain coins. Simply move your character to an area with grass, and your stickman will automatically begin cutting. Keep an eye on the power bar located on the left side of the screen. Once it's full, your character can rotate like a whirlwind, allowing you to gather even more grass. Once you've collected a substantial amount of grass, head to the coins cabin where you can exchange the grass for valuable coins.

Pet collection

As you explore the island, you may come across pets or pet eggs. Collect them to build your very own pet army. Take your pets into exciting competitions where you can earn valuable loot. Be sure to click the attack button on the screen to defeat enemies and emerge victorious. Strengthen your pets by purchasing upgrades for their attack, defense, and health.

Login option

Additionally, in this game, you have the option to sign in and receive special gifts. Each day offers different rewards, and this event extends over a span of seven days. Show your dedication and patience as you enjoy the game and reap the benefits of daily rewards.