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Gorilla Tag


Gorilla Tag is an action game for virtual reality (VR) devices. In the game, players transform into gorillas and use their hands to run, jump and climb.

What is Gorilla Tag?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live like a gorilla in the deep forest, climbing trees and chasing others like a real wild animal? This is an action, parkour, and tag game that takes you to a vibrant forest with breathtaking views. You will become a gorilla, chasing other players in many different terrains, from wild jungles to busy cities.

Every player will transform into a gorilla, playing tag in many different environments. Choose your favorite chase terrain, but watch out for the spread! There is an infected player on a mission to tag others and spread the disease. Be alert, pay attention to other players, and do your best to avoid being tagged and infected.

Specific playing instructions

How to play

One player is chosen to be the gorilla and to be in the center of the playing area. The other players, acting as additional gorillas, line up at one end. The player must find a way to get to the other side without being caught by the gorilla. Once a player is tagged, they become the new gorilla, repeating the intense gameplay. The game session ends when the last player is captured.

Players can run, jump, and climb to avoid being tagged. Be aware of your surroundings, tag your enemies, and prepare for the unexpected as other players may suddenly appear to tag you.


To climb trees, swing on ropes, and perform other actions during the hunt, you will use the keyboard and mouse or gamepad to control your character. For new players, starting with Normal Mode allows you to practice using the keyboard to control your character.