Golf Battle

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Experience the delight of virtual golfing at its finest!

Golf Battle is a game that never goes out of style. Control the ball through obstacles and dangerous terrain to guide the ball into the waiting hole. Now, you can bring the excitement of golf into the comfort of your own home. With straightforward controls and captivating gameplay, achieving a high score has never been easier. From the barren expanse of desert terrain to the icy chill of cold landscapes, each terrain in the game offers its own unique characteristics and challenges to conquer within a set timeframe. With every completed course, you'll unlock a new terrain, presenting fresh opportunities for exploration and mastery. Aim to conquer as many courses as possible, showcasing your golfing prowess across a variety of captivating environments.


Simply use Ctrl+R to play again and continue the thrilling adventure.

Your task in Golf Battle

Your task is to guide the ball to the designated golf course in the shortest time possible. Adjust the direction and force by dragging the mouse, then release it to strike the ball. You have multiple attempts to conquer each course. Strive to complete the course with as few strokes as you can to earn a top score. Be mindful of the varying terrains - the ball will experience more friction on arid surfaces and less friction on colder ones. Be cautious not to strike the ball too forcefully, lest it catapults off the platform or terrain. Conversely, too little force will impede its progress. As you emerge victorious, you'll level up and face new challenges on different terrains. Each terrain boasts unique characteristics and difficulties. Traverse as many terrains as possible to attain an impressive score.