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Going Balls


Guide you through the levels

Going Balls is an endless running game. Control your ball to keep balance along the way so it doesn't fall to the ground. Avoid obstacles so you survive.

How to control the ball

You need to control the black ball on a bridge. Use the mouse to control the ball rolling forward and collect coins and keys along the way. Along the way, there will be a section with a fence to prevent your ball from falling out of the air. But there will also be sections with no barriers and you need to control the ball carefully to avoid falling into the abyss.

Complete levels and get coins

After completing each level you will receive coins and secret treasures in lucky boxes. Use the coins you earn to buy and own more beautiful balls in the store.

Attractive gameplay that the game brings

Diverse maps

Each level will be designed with diverse and beautiful maps. The first levels only have an easy road map for players to overcome. But the higher the levels, the more difficult the game becomes, the road will be uphill and downhill. Furthermore, the road is also winding, making it more difficult to control the ball. This will cause the ball to easily fall out of the air.

Difficulty gradually increases

When you reach level 5, the difficulty seems to increase gradually. There will be extremely dangerous roads and will make you feel more afraid of heights when going through these roads. When you start playing you will have five lives. Try to use those lives of yours sparingly. After completing the game you can explore 8 Ball Billiards Classic to play an extremely attractive classic billiards game.