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Geometry Dash TarTarus


Geometry Dash Tartarus is a legendary Extreme Demon level, created by Riot and rated by the community as one of the most difficult levels in the game's history.


The game was released by Riot in 2016 and quickly became one of the most famous Demon levels in Geometry Dash. This level has been verified by many professional players, including RobTop, Buckleeyy, TheRealKrYTz, and Doggie. Tartarus is the inspiration for many other difficult Demon levels in Geometry Dash.

How to conquer level Tartarus?

Style play

The player controls a square block that moves through obstacles by clicking or tapping the screen to the beat of the music. Need a smooth combination of jumping, flipping, and flying to overcome complex obstacles. The level of difficulty increases over time, requiring players to continuously improve their skills and reflexes.


Try to practice regularly to improve your control and reflexes. Watch instructional videos from other players to learn from experience. Join the Geometry Dash community to receive support and share experiences. Maintain a spirit of perseverance and do not be discouraged by challenges.

Special points in Tartarus

This level will require players to have extremely good movement and reflexes skills. Tartarus is one of the longest levels in Geometry Dash, with over 10 minutes of continuous gameplay. The game's levels have a fast and continuous rhythm, forcing players to concentrate highly and keep a good rhythm. This level also has many types of obstacles that become much more diverse and difficult than other levels. This means players will have to be creative and flexible in moving. Try to overcome all challenges and achieve the score that many people still dream of.