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Geometry Dash Bit By Bit


Geometry Dash Bit By Bit is one of the great rhythm games that you should not miss. Try to overcome obstacles to collect coins and complete levels.

How to play

Along the way collect coins to unlock new levels and new costumes. Players can customize their character by changing color, shape, and accessories. Observe carefully to jump over obstacles to avoid losing your life. Obstacles can be spikes, saws, and holes, causing the player to lose vision or block the path. Players need to have quite fast reaction speed, you need to practice to become proficient when starting with newer levels. If you're new to playing, start slow and increase as you feel more comfortable. The melodies in the game will help you relax and dance more easily.


  • Press and hold the screen to move your character.
  • Release the screen to jump at the right time.
  • Press the up or down arrow button to adjust the game speed.

Salient features

One of the standout features of this version is the ability to adjust the game speed to your preference. Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or a lightning-fast challenge, Bit By Bit offers speed settings from 0.25x slow to 2x slow. This allows players to tailor the game to their skill level and provides a newbie-friendly experience while still providing new challenges for seasoned players.