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Funny Battle Simulator


Join Funny Battle Simulator and build a powerful fighting unit. You need to manage your army to defeat as many enemies as possible to earn the most money.

Learn about different types of aircraft

At the game's start, assemble a mighty army. Various fighters are at your disposal, each with unique abilities:

  • Cudgel: Costs $10 and uses a metal bat to strike foes.
  • Archer: For $20, this fighter shoots arrows from a distance.
  • SpartmanL: Excellent for defense, equipped with a giant shield.
  • Knight: Wields a shield and weapon.
  • Grenadier: Constantly throws grenades.
  • Cyclos: A giant with a spiky metal bar, capable of taking out two soldiers at once.
  • Zeus: The mightiest, but most expensive fighter at $1500.

Small tips to win

Study your opponent's army and select fighters carefully. Defeat as many rivals as possible to earn coins. Use the left mouse button to spawn fighters, the right mouse button to delete them, and WASD to control the camera view. With increasing levels, you'll face more opponents with greater power, so choose your fighters wisely to conquer all levels.