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Flicking Soccer


The description of Flicking Soccer

Join your favorite national team in Flicking Soccer, a thrilling and unique soccer game! Score as many goals to get good results in turn-based matches. Experience the thrill of soccer with Flicking Soccer! In this turn-based match, you have 119 seconds to control 4 players on the table and score as many goals as possible. Choose your national team and strategy wisely, as you have only three movements to complete an action and score. Maneuver your player to hit the ball, but be careful not to contact players who aren't holding the ball, or you'll commit a foul and lose possession. Football and soccer fans, get ready for a new challenging Soccer Random match!

How to win in Flicking Soccer

The mechanics

Experience a whole new level of soccer gameplay with Flicking Soccer! Choose your favorite national team and guide your young players to victory by scoring goals against your opponents.

In this turn-based game, each player has three attempts to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal. But be careful not to collide with the opposing team's players, or you'll lose your turn.

Challenge yourself to score as many goals as possible with precise aiming and skillful shots. Win games with your favorite team and become the ultimate soccer champion!

Tip and trick

To play the game, simply select your player using the mouse and adjust the arrow to aim your kick. The amount of yellow in the arrow indicates the power of your kick. For the best experience, we recommend playing in Full-Screen mode, and the game can be played directly in your browser without any downloads!

Each turn, you have three kicks to score a goal, and then it's the CPU's turn. Time is limited, so be sure to prevent the opposing team from scoring if you take the lead.

If you can't score with your third kick, use your players to defend the goal and block the opponent's kicks. Remember, your players can play both offense and defense!