Flappy Dunk

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Attractive gameplay of Flappy Dunk

Score big with Flappy Dunk - the ultimate airborne basketball challenge! Navigate your flying ball through obstacles and dunk it into the rings to score points. This thrilling sports simulator features a unique gameplay style that lets you experience the excitement of basketball in a whole new way. Instead of controlling players or playing traditional basketball games, you'll be focused on slam-dunking your ball to victory. But watch out – your ball will be flying through the air, and it's up to you to guide it through the red rings like a basketball. Each time you successfully pass through a ring, you'll earn an extra point towards your final score.

Principles in Flappy Dunk

To score more points, you must adhere to two important rules. Firstly, when you click to make the ball ascend, be careful not to make it fly too high or it will collide with the ceiling and end the game. Secondly, after descending, you must swiftly assist the ball to ascend again, as hitting the floor will also result in a game over. Although you can bypass the red rings, any mistakes in controlling the ball are not permissible.