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Electron Dash


Introducing Electron Dash

Electron Dash is a fun and exciting online adventure and survival game. You will control a brave astronaut as he runs through a glowing space tube.

Simple gameplay

You can control your character with the arrow keys or the A and D keys to move left and right. To make your character jump, use the W key, up arrow key, or spacebar. Although the controls are simple, the game requires extreme concentration to overcome obstacles and achieve your goal.

Stunning graphics

The game has stunning visuals with bright colors and smooth lines. As you run through the tunnels, the background will glow, creating a beautiful and unique atmosphere. The game also includes upbeat music that keeps you motivated and encourages you to surpass your previous high score.

Play tips

  • Jumping at the right time is important to avoid falling off the flume.
  • Along the way, always collect as many hearts and lives as possible to increase your score and chances of survival.
  • Be careful of laser beams and other obstacles that can cost you your life.