Eat The Fish IO

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In Eat The Fish IO, you will explore the extremely beautiful ocean world. You will turn into a fish and have to compete for your survival with other fish.

Explore the world of fish under the ocean

In the deep ocean, there is fierce competition taking place as many species of fish are fighting to survive and dominate their territories. Each fish seeks to become stronger by devouring other small fish. In this brutal underwater arena, the winner will gain great strength and size, eventually becoming a giant fish. Small fish prey on big fish, big fish eat small fish, and giant fish eat big fish. Only legendary fish can endure these fierce battles, evolving into more formidable and dangerous creatures.

Your duty in Eat The Fish IO

Your objective is to nurture it and shield it from other fish, regardless of their color or size. Instead, focus your attention on the numerical value displayed above each fish's head. When you encounter a fish with a lower number, go ahead and launch an attack to devour it. Conversely, when you spot a formidable adversary with a high-level number, swiftly seek refuge for your fish in a secure location.