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Conquer the game Dunk Shot


Score a perfect score in Dunk Shot, the addictive basketball game. Shoot your way to earn points for each successful shot while avoiding dropping the ball. With each successful basket, players earn points while the hoops get higher and higher. Keep shooting to climb the scoreboard and achieve victory! Unlock a variety of basketball skins as you earn stars, and compete to become the ultimate basketball stars.


Features of the game include a thrilling combination of arcade and basketball gameplay, with an aim guide to help you score your shots. You can earn stars to unlock new basketball models and receive free gifts along the way. But be careful, if you miss, the ball will fall and you'll have to start over!

The playing instruction Dunk Shot

The aim is to achieve the perfect dunk by throwing the ball from one hoop to the next without letting it fall. You're in control of the perfect dunk. Drag the net down for a power boost and aim for the perfect direction to keep the ball in the air. Each successful hoop earns you a point, but be careful not to let the ball fall off the screen. The more perfect hoops you make without hitting the rim, the more points you'll earn. You can even bounce the ball off the walls for extra points. Unlock new balls by collecting stars as you aim for a high score.

Missing a shot will cause the ball to drop out of the sky, forcing you to start from the beginning. To avoid this, aim for the perfect shot and aim to swish the ball without touching the rim for a bonus. Earn points with each successful basket and use them to purchase unique basketball skins to shoot in style.