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Description of Dunkers


Show off your dunk skills to opponents in Dunkers! Unlock unique characters, and conquer challenging arenas. Are you ready to join the thrilling matches? The game immerses players in intense basketball matches, where athletes skillfully control the ball to overcome opponents. Start your journey as Pinko, master the art of bouncing on the ball, and show off your skills with other unique characters like Froggo, Timmy, and Nerdo as you aim to score on the basket and become the Dunkers champion!


  • Player 1: Use the "Z" and "X" keys.
  • Player 2: Use the "Left" and "Right" arrows on your keyboard.

Prove your basketball skills!

The object of the game is to successfully throw the ball into the opponent's basket. Take hold of the ball and leap toward your opponent's basket to perform epic slam dunks. The first player to score three points will be the winner of this exciting competition. You'll experience the thrilling highs and intense collisions of executing awesome dunks repeatedly. There are three modes for you to choose from Arcade, Career, and 2 players. In two-player mode, you can invite your friends to join the challenge. Try to steal the opponent's ball quickly and put the ball into the basket first to score higher. You can also practice your pitching skills in the other two modes. With each victory, unlock new characters and showcase your skills.