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Drawize is an engaging online drawing game inspired by the classic Pictionary! Have a blast while guessing what others are drawing to earn valuable coins!

Unleash Your Artistic Skills in Drawize

Drawing is not only your passion but also a great way to unwind after a long day. That's precisely why the developers designed Drawize, a thrilling platform for players worldwide. Gather with friends or new acquaintances from around the globe in this multiplayer game. But Drawize isn't just about doodling, it's also about word guessing! As the rounds unfold, you'll be tasked with guessing the correct word based on other players' drawings. Quick thinking is the key here, as time is limited, and only correct answers bring you points.

Two Exciting Missions Await

Drawize offers you two primary roles: drawing and guessing words. Randomly chosen players become the artists, illustrating the given words. The rest of the players must decipher the word represented by the picture. The faster you guess, the more points you earn! However, beware of incorrect answers, as they won't grant you any points. Communication is allowed via the chat box, but correct answers remain hidden to keep the challenge alive.

Rules for Success in Drawize

  • Stick to drawing the words only, no textual clues are allowed.
  • Before starting to draw, choose one of the three provided words, opting for the easiest one if possible.
  • Pay attention to the number of letters in the word to aid your guessing process.
  • Each game comprises 7 rounds, and the player with the highest score emerges victorious, earning coins as a reward.