Doodle Cricket

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Description of the game Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is a game that helps you practice your batting skills. If you love cricket, this is the perfect choice for you to satisfy your passion. On the occasion of the celebration of the ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament, this game was inspired and released the game in 2017.


  • Cricket takes place like a game of chess on the field. There are two teams in the match, each consisting of 11 players, their task is to protect three precariously balanced tree stumps decorated with barriers. The opposing team uses balls and throws aimed at toppling these wooden guards. Both teams were extremely tense in this back-and-forth attack and defense and tried their best to defeat their opponents.
  • With each stroke of the stick, the player will run quickly on the field, scoring points every time they change places. Singles fly by, but doubles and triples will be caught if the bowler reacts quickly. Try to score as many sixes for your teammates. After the match ends, the team with the higher score will win.
  • While playing, if the batsman lets the pins fall off, he will be eliminated from the match. When the opposing players are gradually eliminated and only one person remains, the game will end. To play more sports games, you can play Basketball Beans to experience more exciting new basketball games in this game.