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Doodle Baseball


Game Rules and Insights

Doodle Baseball is an extremely interesting humorous sports game. Control a food character to overcome the barrier and accumulate as many points as possible.

Step onto the Baseball Field

An exciting baseball showdown among food characters is underway, and your participation is needed. This match consists of two teams: one designated to bat and the other to pitch. You'll be part of the team wielding the baseball bat. As soon as the pitch is thrown, a quick click of the left mouse button is needed to make contact with the ball. Your goal is to send it soaring or as far as you can manage. While the ball is in flight, your teammates stationed on the field will sprint around, touching the bases. Your objective is to tag as many bases as possible before the opposing team's players catch the ball. Notably, this baseball game has no set endpoint, so focus on amassing the highest score possible. If you love the basketball theme, you can refer to the game Cannon Basketball 3 and practice your ultimate basketball shooting skills in this game.

Cracking the Scoring System

To achieve the highest score, a solid understanding of the scoring system is crucial. Successfully connecting with the ball earns you one point. A missed swing results in no points and costs you one point. It's worth noting that you have two opportunities to swing. If you fail to hit the ball on the third attempt, you'll find yourself on the losing side of the baseball match. Therefore, exercise caution and precision when at bat.

Control Mechanism: A simple click of the left mouse button serves as your means to swing the bat.

Game Development and Platform

Google developed Doodle Baseball as a tribute to U.S. Independence Day, launching it in July 2019. What sets this game apart is its whimsical backyard BBQ character lineup and its vibrant and charming graphics.