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Dirtbike Fraction


Description of Dirtbike Fraction

Test your math abilities in the game Dirtbike Fraction. Try to give the correct answer after each question. The more you answer, the higher your score. The player with the highest number of points emerges as the winner of the game. This game is a game designed to enhance critical thinking skills, particularly for children. As you embark on this game, you'll encounter a multitude of math questions. Each question will be presented in the form of a fraction, requiring you to analyze and determine whether the mathematical solutions are greater than, less than, or equal to each other.

In the face of math operations, players must swiftly make decisions in the game. Utilizing the mouse, you will select your answer. If your response is accurate, you will earn points and extend your cord, indicating your progress in the game.

Rules in Dirtbike Fraction

There are two teams playing against each other

The game features an engaging gameplay format with two competing teams: the blue team and the red team. Each team is represented by a motorbike. Before diving into the game, players have the opportunity to assign a name to their motorbike.

Victory is determined by two factors

Firstly, the player who scores the highest number of points will gain an advantage. Secondly, by strategically maneuvering their motorbike, players aim to pull their opponent's motorbike across the designated finish line.