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Delve into the Exciting World of is an enthralling multiplayer game that boasts a variety of game modes. Dive into the depths of the ocean and feast on colorful dots to grow stronger.

Select Your Favorite Aquatic Creature

At the onset of the game, you're presented with a choice among six different aquatic creatures: fish, icefish, blobfish, worm, blind cave fish, and piranha. Each creature possesses unique characteristics and thrives in a particular habitat. The choice is yours to make, select the aquatic creature that captures your fancy.

Embark on the Hunt

With your chosen aquatic creature, you embark on a deep-sea hunting expedition. Your objective is to traverse the ocean, in search of colorful dots. These dots are pivotal for your evolution into larger, more formidable animals. For instance, if you start as a worm, you can progress to a lamprey crayfish. Likewise, piranhas can evolve into piranha lampreys. Deeper waters harbor more abundant and vibrant dots, so aim to plunge into the ocean's depths to feast upon as many as possible. Additionally, these colorful dots contribute to your accumulation of experience points, enabling you to ascend the ranks on the leaderboard located at the upper right corner of the screen.

Playable Game Modes in

  • FFA (Free For All): In this mode, you roam the deep sea, devouring colorful dots to grow larger and ascend the in-game leaderboard. There's no time limit, but you must fend off bigger fish alone.
  • TFFA (Team Free For All): TFFA allows you to form a team with fellow players. While you cannot attack your teammates, you can collaborate with them to assail other aquatic creatures in the deep sea. As in FFA mode, your goal is to amass experience points by consuming colorful dots.
  • 1v1: This mode pits you against another player. Collect magical dots to outgrow your rival. Once you've achieved superiority, engage your opponent in battle and emerge victorious in the shortest time possible.
  • PD (Pearl Defense): In this game mode, you can select from 35 unique characters and team up with other players. The two teams, represented by green and red, must compete to steal the pearls of their adversaries and transport them to their own side. Additionally, you must safeguard your own pearls from enemy incursions. The team that loses all of its pearls faces defeat.