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Daily Dadish


Explore the New Adventures in Daily Dadish

Take on daily missions in the thrilling world of Daily Dadish. Help the radish father complete his mission to rescue the kidnapped children from the boss.

Your Daily Mission

Daily Dadish offers an exciting adventure where you must rescue radish kids abducted by bosses like Hotdog, Churgurnular, and Sharon. Overcome obstacles such as spikes, swinging balls, cannons, buzzsaws, and crafty enemies, all determined to hinder the radish father's progress. Success requires skillful evasion and strategic planning to navigate through these challenges and reunite the radish family.

The addition of daily levels introduces an element of anticipation and urgency to the gameplay. Each day presents a new level, encouraging regular engagement and providing a sense of achievement upon completing challenges within the given timeframe. By logging in daily, players can immerse themselves in the thrill of conquering fresh and unique obstacles.

Game Controls

  • Use A-D keys or Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.
  • Use the Spacebar to jump over obstacles.
  • Hold the Spacebar to achieve higher jumps.
  • Use the P key to select costumes.

Encountering Bosses in Daily Dadish

A notable feature of the game is the presence of bosses from previous Dadish installments. Face formidable adversaries, each with unique abilities and attack patterns.

  • Churgurnular: This boss resembles a bucket with chicken legs and utilizes a ranged attack by shooting its chicken legs at the radish father. Dodge these projectiles skillfully to avoid getting hit.
  • Sharon: Another encountered boss, Sharon, is a bucket filled with fried potatoes. Moving back and forth, Sharon aims to obstruct the radish father's progress. Navigate around Sharon's movements and seize opportunities to counterattack.