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About Crowded

Welcome to Crowded! You will have the opportunity to build your own army. A bustling city full of white stick people is waiting for you to paint. In this game, the city is brimming with colorful armies, and your objective is to conquer and defeat other players. By outnumbering the opposing teams with your stickmen army, you can emerge victorious. However, be cautious as you cannot overpower an army larger than yours. Enjoy playing Crowded, even at schools or offices where it is unblocked.

Tips for winning Crowded

Gather a mighty army

To claim the title of the city's ruler, you must amass a significant number of warriors in Crowded The white stickmen will join your forces once they are painted in your color. Simply approach them to add them to your army.

Acquire stickmen from defeated teams

In this game, your dominance extends beyond coloring the white stickmen. When a player loses, their warriors will join your troops. This presents an effective method for increasing the size of your army.

Important considerations while playing Crowded

The game operates within a limited time frame, so you must expand your community within that duration. Strive to have the largest army before time runs out.