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Crazy Basketball


Introducing the game Crazy Basketball

Crazy Basketball is one of the most addictive basketball games today. Show off your top pitching speed now. Pay attention to the time so you don't miss it! This game is a true-to-life Basketball Shooting Machine, delivering an authentic basketball experience right to your fingertips. Enjoy the stunning graphics and find yourself in a captivating game room environment, complete with your virtual hand for shooting those crucial hoops.

Highlights of the game

The game is quite easy to play

Ease of play is one of its strengths. You'll find that flicking the ball to achieve the perfect height, speed, and power is a breeze. Race against the clock to shoot as accurately and swiftly as possible, all in pursuit of achieving a top-notch high score.


  • Realistic Physics Engine for precise ball control.
  • Unlock Bonus Shots for added excitement.
  • Experience the game with incredible action camera effects.
  • Optimized game controls ensure smooth gameplay, even on lower-end phones!