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Chicken Merge


Chicken Merge is a game that combines chickens to create new, stronger chickens. This will increase tower defense as well as protection from wolves.

Style play

The game is quite simple, you just need to drag and drop the same chickens to merge them into a new, stronger chicken. Your goal is to protect your base. You need to use your chickens to protect the base from ferocious wolves.

Discover and unlock many new chicken breeds with unique abilities. When unlocked, you will have the opportunity to explore and breed more than 20 unique chicken breeds, each with its own abilities and strengths. Upgrade your chickens to increase their strength, speed, and defense. You can also explore new areas as you unlock new areas on the map to discover new challenges and rewards. Beat challenging levels to earn rewards and unlock new content.

Tips to become a master

Merge the chicken regularly

Try to merge chickens continuously to create stronger chickens. Pay attention to the same chickens on the playing field and merge them whenever possible. Try to prioritize merging chickens of the same level to create chickens with higher power.

Use strategic location

Where you place the chickens on the playing field is also important. Place powerful chickens in the front line so they can attack enemies most effectively. Use chickens with special abilities intelligently.

For example, place the cannon chicken in a position that can hit multiple enemies at the same time, or place the shield chicken in front to protect weaker chickens.

Upgrade chicken

When you have enough money, upgrade your chickens to increase their strength and defense. Upgraded chickens will help you defeat enemies more easily and protect your base better. Prioritize upgrading the chickens you use most often.

Use special skills

Some types of chickens have special skills that can help you in battle. Use these skills wisely to gain an advantage over your enemies.

For example, use the mother hen's "Flock Call" skill to create multiple chicks at once, or use the lightning chicken's "Lightning Attack" skill to deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.

Complete mission

Complete quests to earn more coins and gems. You can use money to upgrade chickens and gems to unlock new types of chickens. Missions often require you to merge a certain number of chickens or defeat a certain number of enemies.

Watch ads to receive rewards

You can watch ads to get more coins, gems, and even new chickens.