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Castle Keeper


About Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper is a game that tests your guard skills. Your stickman possesses an amazing archery ability. Take aim accurately to ensure his safety. Embark on an adventure in Castle Keeper, where you assume the role of a castle keeper. Your stickman stands tall in blue while the relentless opponents appear in red. The opposing red army is determined to attack and conquer your castle. Prepare to confront countless enemy troops, knowing that you stand alone. It's time to reveal your true strength.

How to play Castle Keeper

Safeguard Your Castle in Castle Keeper

As a castle keeper, your mission is to defend your castle from any invaders, even in the face of overwhelming armies. But how can you triumph against such odds when you're on your own?

Upgrade Your Character

The enemy's power grows with each passing day. To match their strength, you must invest in upgrades for your character. Enhance archery damage, increase character speed, and more. Spend your coins wisely to unlock special abilities like freezing enemies.

Utilize Environmental Objects

Make strategic use of various objects to defeat hordes of foes. For instance, knockdown ladders to crush the enemy beneath them. Roll wooden boxes to topple the red stickmen. Of course, these objects must be purchased. Ladders serve as a means for opponents to scale your castle walls, so ensuring their demise is crucial.