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Bubble Shooter


About Bubble Shoot

Bubble Shoot is a game of shooting colorful bubbles. Create 3 or more bubbles of the same color and then make them explode to earn bonus points.

Win bubble shooting points

In this arcade favorite, players earn points by shooting bubbles and following the rules. Your score is calculated based on your performance, so aim carefully and shoot wisely to win it!

Shoot bubbles easily

Shooting bubbles is as simple as just clicking! Move the mouse to aim, then click to shoot. With these two simple steps, you can shoot endless bubbles.

You need to create sets of three or more bubbles of the same color to remove them and score points. If there are less than three bubbles of the same color, the game will continue as normal.

As you shoot, new bubbles continuously appear on the screen. If you don't clear them quickly, the screen will fill up and if the bubbles reach the finish line it's game over. So keep shooting and keep those bubbles far away!

Things to note for you

Scoring rules in bubble shooting game

  • Your score is determined by the number of bubbles you remove. The more bubbles you clear in one go, the higher your score will be. Large sets of bubbles will help you earn even more points.
  • Since Bubble Shooter is an endless game, you can keep playing to earn as many points as possible and aim for different rankings based on your score.

Tips for successful bubble shooting

  • When shooting bubbles, pay attention not only to the current bubble, but also to the next reserve bubbles. This can help you plan your moves strategically for maximum bubble-busting fun.
  • And don't forget the special bubbles! Some bubbles can be combined with any color on the screen, adding excitement to the game.