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Bouncy Basketball


The goal of Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball is a 2D physics-based, one-button pixel art basketball game. The game was developed by Dreamon Studios and released in 2015. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to Boxing Random. The game's objective is to attain a greater score than your adversary. The player controls a basketball player by touching the screen. The game uses 2D physics to calculate ball and player movements. Players can score points by shooting the ball into the basket, hitting the backboard and rebounding into the basket, or making a dunk.

What attracts Bouncy Basketball?


  • Choose a team: Players can choose from over 30 different teams.
  • Player customization: Players can change the color, hairstyle, and other characteristics of their players.


  • Players just need to touch the screen to control their players.
  • Beautiful and vibrant pixel art graphics. The characters and environments in the game are meticulously and intricately designed.
  • Many customization features, allow players to create their teams and players.