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Bolly Beat


About Bolly Beat

Bolly Beat is a game that challenges your quick reflexes. Join the game now to enjoy exciting and addictive tunes. How many points will you get?

When stress overwhelms you, finding solace in music is a popular choice. In Bolly Beat, you get the best of both worlds with its unique fusion of music and online gaming. Take control of a ball and tap your way through the keys on the screen to create beautiful melodies. Be sure to hit the right keys and don't miss too many! Missing keys will require you to restart the song. Seasoned gamers recommend using headphones for an immersive experience that enhances the gameplay. Get ready to embark on a musical journey while having a blast playing the game.

How to play Bolly Beat

Master the art of bouncing the ball on the keyboards
The ball will bounce on the yellow keys, generating rhythmic patterns that contribute to completing a song. However, make sure the ball doesn't touch the red keys or the ground without the yellow keys. If it hits the ground, you'll lose a heart. Hearts are limited, so exercise caution. As you progress, the game intensifies with increased ball and key speeds. For an additional challenge, unlock the hard mode by completing the normal mode.

Game controls

Click, hold, and swipe the ball to navigate and keep the music flowing.