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In Bloxorz, you will solve colorful maze puzzles to reach your destination. Players need to move Bloxorz past obstacles, avoiding falling off the platform.

Guide play

Your target

You will need to get the block to the finish line against difficult challenges. Along the way, you will encounter obstacles and traps that can cause your blocks to fall off the edge, forcing you to start the level over.


You can control it with the left, right, up, and down arrow keys. Mastering the control keys will be an advantage to help you control your block through 33 different levels quickly and easily. Just remember to tread carefully and plan your moves wisely.

Press the switch down to activate bridges and unlock new paths. Look out for two types of switches: "Heavy" X-shaped switches and "Soft" round switches. Each switch has its own behavior, so mastering their activation mechanism is key to progressing in the game.

Little tip

You can use the spacebar to switch between small blocks, allowing you to solve different challenges with ease. But remember, only one complete block can complete a level, so choose your blocks wisely.