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Battle Island


Welcome to the Enigmatic Battle Island!

Battle Island is a mysterious kingdom filled with thrilling battles and legendary creatures. Unleash their power to conquer any enemies that stand in your way.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting Pikachu movie, Battle Island invites you to assemble a formidable team of diverse pets, each possessing immense power. Once you've gathered a strong lineup, embark on a quest to challenge the adversaries you encounter on your journey. Remember, a larger team with higher-level pets increases your chances of emerging victorious. However, expanding your team requires coins.


Navigate your character through Battle Island using various control options such as arrow keys, WASD keys, or mouse swiping, granting you full flexibility in your adventures.

Attractive gameplay of Battle Island

Claim Victory Across the Island

Battle Island is vast and teeming with unexplored regions waiting to be unlocked. As you expand your dominion, prepare to face formidable opponents who will test your skills to the limit. Overcoming these challenging battles yields rich rewards. Strengthen your team strategically to increase your chances of success.

Expand Your Pet Collection

Victories on the battlefield reward you with precious coins, which can be used to acquire more pets. Visit the in-game shop to choose from a variety of defensive and offensive pets. Be mindful that the cost of each new pet increases as you add to your collection. Merge identical pets to create powerful high-level companions.

Craft Winning Strategies

Before entering a match, you have the opportunity to assess your opponents' pets. Use this knowledge to devise effective strategies that exploit their weaknesses. Should you find yourself in need of additional coins, engage in battles with wild pets to earn the necessary funds.