Basketball Tournament 3D

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About Basketball Tournament 3D

Basketball Tournament 3D is a basketball game that allows you to participate in world tournaments. Throw as many balls into the basket to get a high score. This is a 3D basketball game so it is quite more difficult than regular basketball games. Click on the ball and swipe up gently, then release the mouse to let the ball fall into the basket. The speed of the ball will depend on how hard or light you stroke it. Try to swipe accurately and at the right angle to get as many balls into the basket.

Attractive gameplay of Basketball Tournament 3D


Each level will offer different goals and challenges. Please read the proposed goals carefully so you can best complete them. The number of balls you have is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The goal you need to achieve will appear below your name in the upper left corner of the screen. Pay attention to the number of balls you have and the goal to complete the task to make sure you don't run out of balls to throw into the basket.


When you complete the given challenge, you will receive coins and cash. Using coins and cash, you can buy various attractive and beautiful balls in the store. It would be great if you could own all the balls here. There are many exciting levels ahead but you need to complete each level to be able to unlock new ones.