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Basketball Swooshes


About Basketball Swooshes

Basketball Swooshes is a simple yet challenging basketball game. You should angle the ball and try to get as many balls into the basket as possible to win. As a basketball player, your goal is to score more baskets than your opponent within the given time limit. Control the aim and shooting power of your player by swiping or using the mouse. Release at the right moment to shoot the ball into the hoop, and aim for those perfect swooshes. Timing and precision are the keys to success in this virtual basketball court.

Great features of the basketball game

Exciting Modes

Immerse yourself in an international basketball tournament, competing against developed basketball countries worldwide. In the qualifiers, face off against countries in the same group, gradually eliminating opponents by scoring more points. Progress through the rounds to secure a spot in the final, aiming for the championship.

Mechanism of Getting Points

The game's scoring system adds a layer of challenge and excitement. In the early matches, when facing less formidable opponents, each goal earns you 10 points. However, as the competition intensifies, the score per goal increases with each round. Adapt to the rising difficulty, score more goals, and accumulate points to secure victory.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Compete for the top spot on the global leaderboards and showcase your basketball shooting prowess. Earn achievements by completing specific challenges, demonstrating your mastery of the game. Aim to score more goals, earn higher points, and defeat as many opponents as possible to climb the ranks.

Some tips to play Basketball Swooshes better

  • Use appropriate hand force when throwing the ball. If you use too much force, the ball may fly out of the basket. If you use too little force, the ball may not have enough force to enter the basket.
  • Find the right time to throw the ball. If you throw the ball when your opponent is standing near the basket, they can easily block the ball.
  • Practice regularly to improve your throwing skills.