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Basketball Strike


Basketball Strike is a 3D basketball game that allows you to participate in realistic basketball matches. Try to win by throwing more balls than your opponent.

Basketball rules

In the playground there will be two teams playing, you need to unite with your team to find ways to put your team's ball into the opponent's basket. And you also need to try your best not to let the opponent's ball fall into your net. At the beginning of the match, the ball will be placed in the middle of the playing field of the two teams. Whichever side is quick to grab the ball first will have a higher chance of winning.

In addition, the opponent can steal the ball from you while you are holding the ball in your hand. In your playground, there will be many opponents around who will try to steal the ball out of your hand. You need to run quickly to get close to the opponent's net and make a quick throw. Show off your high-level football throwing skills. After 5 rounds, if you have more points than your opponent, you will win.


You need to use the mouse to move the character on the playing field. Drag the character closer to the opponent's basket and aim accurately so that the ball falls into the basket.

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