Basketball Papa

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Instructions for throwing the ball

Basketball Papa is a basketball game with many exciting levels. You will play as an old man named Papa and try to score points into the opponent's basket. In this game, you will help old Papa score the ball into the basket by holding the mouse and dragging the ball toward the basketball. After aligning the right angle, release the mouse to let the ball fall into the basket. You need to align it properly with the black dashed line that appears. This dashed line will help you easily determine the path of the ball. If you throw the ball out of the basket, the game will end immediately. Try to score as many balls into the basket and put your name on the list of excellent players.

Tips for throwing the ball into the basket

Every time he throws the ball into the basket, old man PaPa will randomly change his standing position and you need to try to align the angle correctly. During the cornering period, you will not be able to move old PaPa as you like. Instead, you should focus on finding a direction to put the ball into the basket. In addition, the ball basket position will be randomly arranged in many high and low positions to challenge your throwing skills. Try to align the angle and calculate the ball's steps to throw the ball most accurately.