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Basketball King


Prove your basketball throwing skills in Basketball King


Do you want to be the pitcher king in Basketball King? In this game you just need to align the angle and throw the ball into the basket to complete the task. Each level will require the number of balls that you can throw and limit it to a certain amount of time. Align your ball correctly and shoot it into the basket correctly. This game offers an unlimited challenge for you.

When you start participating in the game, you will be guided to play in the most meticulous and detailed way. You need to complete the goal set by the game before starting an official game. You need to throw 10 balls in 20 seconds. This is really not easy for those of you who have never played basketball. It is also quite a challenge for those of you who do not have the patience. After completing the tutorial challenge you will be officially joined from level 1 and play completing the next challenges. You can also join matches with other players.


Click on the ball and drag it up towards the basket, then release to let the ball fly up. Balloons fly high or low depends on how high or low you pull and bounce.

Tips for you when throwing the ball

Don't be too preoccupied and pay attention to the timing when throwing the ball. Stay focused and throw the ball accurately. Align the ball angle and throw as fast as possible to keep up with the time and complete the required number of balls.

When you pay attention to time, it makes your ability to play slower, when tossing the ball, quickly pick up the ball and throw it right after, don't let time stop passing, you will definitely achieve. good results.