Basketball Fury

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Start with thrilling matches in Basketball Fury

Start your Basketball Fury quest for court domination! Choose your favorite game mode and choose single-player or 2 player mode to start a new match. Compete against 15 countries and make your way through the group stages to become the champion. Enjoy stunning graphics and challenging gameplay suitable for all ages. Play with a friend in multiplayer mode or compete solo. Besides, you can play Basket and Ball game to get more excited Basket and Ball. Don't wait, call your friend and start playing thrilling basketball matches today!

Engaging gameplay of Basketball Fury

Whether you want a quick match or a full tournament, the goal is the same: outscore your opponent. With no rules, anything goes in this exciting basketball game. Look for power-ups scattered across the court, like the freeze basket or invisibility, to gain an edge. Choose your team and game mode to start dominating every match.

Participate in tournaments or enjoy quick matches against friends or the CPU. In this exciting basketball game, anything goes - as long as you outscore your opponent. Gather bonuses scattered throughout the court and freeze your opponent's basket to prevent them from scoring. Or use the invisibility bonus to sneak past your opponent and score easily. Can you beat the competition and become a true basketball champion?